Accurately manage office moves

Integrate Drawings and Data to Save Time in Move Management

"Management wants accurate seating plans before we start big office moves."

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Space and Occupancy Management

Establish Accurate Occupancy Counts

"We had space assigned to employees who had left the company."

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Manage Work Orders more Efficiently

Get Control of Help Desk & Maintenance Data

"Our work orders fell through the cracks and there were different systems in use at each facility."

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Space Planning and Management services

Get Clear Visibility Into Your Real Estate Portfolio

"People were requesting more office space while we were under pressure to make the current space work."

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IWMS & CAFM Software Solutions

IWMS & CAFM Software Solutions for:

  • Space & Occupancy
  • Move Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Lease Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management

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We help corporate real estate & facility management teams implement software systems to efficiently manage 250 thousand to 5+ million square feet while dramatically cutting costs.

Case Study: Work Order Management

End users at this large communications company needed to physically go the facilities department to submit work orders – the process took several days from initiation to actual completion.  Operations related reporting took 3 people an entire week.  ROI implemented an intranet portal for facilities service requests and reduced reporting time to less than 5 minutes.

Case Study: Shadow Occupancy

While integrating a newly re-acquired division back into their business, a large beverage company was looking to eliminate redundancies across locations by moving staff into existing space. Though it seemed there was no space, after performing space occupancy analytics, ROI recaptured 421 workspaces for an annual savings of $1.17million.

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