Integrate project planning and financial
management to ensure cost-effective project delivery.

What if your schedule changes automatically updated the project scope and budget? Or what if improved workflows automated processes, created critical alerts and minimized cost over-runs?

When your project
planning data is
dynamically linked to
your financial data, new
ideas for cost efficiencies
become clear.

ROI Consulting group will show you how the right technology will help you create a central source of programs and project activities, priorities, resources, schedules and costs to streamline project collaboration across teams using accurate information.

We’ll build on your existing drawings and data to quickly adapt standard reports to your new one-off projects. We’ll help you pull exactly the information that an interim team needs for a short-term special project. And we’ll keep track of schedules and data for simultaneous CRE projects from different areas of your business.

Streamlined Project Management
for Measurable Cost Savings

1. Stay in control by managing and sharing all tasks and milestones in one place
2. Streamline projects through integration with CAD & BIM software systems
3. Map demographic analysis for new projects through GIS integration